“puppy” latch-hooking begun

Yay, I said I would wait until my birthday before I began work on my latch-hook kit . . . which has meant a lot of self-discipline over the past days, but I was good, and waited until after lunch today to sit down and begin work. It’s going to be long-term project because of the size and simply because it’s impossible to do things quickly.  I worked for just over an hour today (without Le Bleu sticking his nose in) and am working in rows from the bottom.  I estimate I have hooked approximately 200 pieces of wool today


and, if you look at the larger picture, you will see I have quite a few hours work ahead of me ^^

rug01bBut I’m in no hurry . . . it doesn’t matter if it takes me all year to complete, the main thing is to enjoy what I’m doing . . . and I found it very relaxing.



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