Lovely Lionel never gets bored

Lovely Lionel never gets bored with all the interesting mail he delivers to this house ^^ And recently there has been more mail than usual because I’m a birthday gal  hihi.

Debbierose and her MOTH sent me a parcel from Australia (and Debbie even added a message to Lionel on the packaging, although I’m not sure if he read it lol) with some gorgeous fabrics for patchwork and a really cute bookmark made from genuine Australian leather

from Debbie (2)

Fred, a French forum friend, sent me a gorgeous needle keeper (to make ladies at patchwork club drool with envy when I go along next week)

from Fred

from Fred1

Lilubelle, another friend from the same forum, sent me some blackwork stitching, a book of Hans Christian Anderson tales, a limited edition postcard, buttons and an additional bookmark

from lilubelle1

from lilubelle2

from lilbelle3

From eldest son and his girlfriend, I received some more bookmarks, 4 thread sorters and a lovely little wall plaque

from S&L

And, while the following were not birthday gifts, Monique la Bretonne sent me two bookmarks

mp from monique

and Jacky, one of my English students, thought of me while touring in Vietnam and Cambodia and brought me back a hand-made bookmark from Vietnam. The other 2 in photo are front & back of a bookmark I picked up at my local library the other day.



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