a quarter of a century

I have been doing some small project stitching in secret . . . to make a couple of cards for two very important people in my life.  On 31st Jan it was eldest son’s birthday . . . and since he turned 25 (a quarter of a century lol), I thought it was an important enough mile-stone to merit a hand-made card instead of a shop-bought one. I did my own little “creation” with the wording and numbers and then finished off with a blackwork border that is part of a Nancy Pederson design I stitched last year. Finished it off with a little silver heart and then double-sided sticky tape onto a card.  When calculating 25 years in days, I even thought to count the number of leap years lol.  There have been 7 leap years since he was born ^^

card Sean

Second card was for my daughter, aka Lindashee.  She is studying in Lyon and spent the first 5 months living with family . . . however, we made plans over the Christmas break for her to move into her own rental bed-sit, to give her more independence (and also to be closer to her Art college) . . . she picked up her keys on 28th Jan and is now settling in.  However, her card has gone missing . . . posted on the same day as birthday card to my son, it never arrived . . . so I’m going to sit down and make another one so you’ll have to wait a while before I can show you a photo.