43 down, only 6 to go

43 assignments down, only 6 to go in order to complete the Animal Care course I am doing with a home-schooling centre – yay. I completed 3 assignments in as many weeks, so am feeling quite chuffed with myself even if grades were a bit up and down. Got a 18, 14 and 20 . . . so am kicking myself about the 14. Also had a reply to my “complaint” about a previous assignment (for which I felt I deserved more) to say that while my answers were correct, they were expecting more in-depth answers and signs of a bit more research on my behalf. So, have taken that comment on board and will make sure I research the following assignments more carefully.

biologie du chat

Am finding the cat biology module interesting but having a hard time assimilating everything – so could need to take things more slowly and re-read lessons to revise properly before I tackle anymore assignments.

I am already thinking about what to do once I finish this course. I signed up to give myself something to keep my brain active, and because (with all my animals) I thought it would be interesting and useful to study Animal Care. It HAS been interesting and useful and I am enjoying learning new things.  So much so, that I fancy signing myself up for another course once I finish . . . they’ve got a beginners psychology course on offer as well as a graphology course  . . . so I’m wondering whether either of those would be up my street.   I won’t go jumping the gun though . . . still at least 2 months of studying to get to end of this one, and then I’ll see what takes my fancy ^^