“Puppy” latch hook kit arrived yay

I mentioned, a few weeks back, that I was drooling over latch hook kits and thinking of treating myself . . . and I did!

This is the one I decided to buy

“Puppy” by Versaco


It came with printed canvas, pre-cut wool, latch hook, instructions AND the band for finishing off – so everything I need is included.




For the moment I have only sorted colours onto the bottom of the canvas so that I know which colour goes where . . . since it’s my birthday treat, I’m making myself wait until the big day before I actually begin latch hooking.  I can already see that it’s going to be an interesting project to do with Le Bleu around. He was very curious and came to inspect things as I opened the package . . . and I suspect he’ll be sitting on the canvas, or trying to play with wool (or attack the latch hook) as I work.


2 thoughts on ““Puppy” latch hook kit arrived yay

  1. Very cute, you will have fun with this. I remember I did one decades ago – loved it – had it next to me bed – so that when I got up the first things my toes touched in the morning was the fluffly mat. Enjoy

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