SAL “Simple Flowers” – your gallery

Here are the photos I have received so far of coSALers stitching on “Simple Flowers” a free blackwork design by Valerie Warner.  A SAL that has been tremendous fun . . . and for many ladies, the opportunity to try their first blackwork.

Avis – in turquoise, decided it was the perfect size for a card


La pie kikou – finished off into a “keeper” with some gorgeous embellishments

la pie kikou4a

la pie kikou4b

Hélène, altered the corners, to make her design more circular


Debbie is going to put hers under glass for a coaster


Sylvie has made hers into a little cushion keyring which is hanging from a cupboard in her living room

sylvie fini

titoune has made hers into a lavender bag

titoune fini

Corinne has added some beads and made a decorative hanging cushion


bbquenouille is still thinking about what to do with hers




as for mamoures, well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I received her photo . . . just take a look at this!


sandrine sandrine4

yvonne had an excellent idea – and has finished on the front cover of a notebook

Monique la bretonne (doesn’t have a camera, so this is a scan of the photo copy she sent me)




huguette finished off into a little hanging cushion




petitemumu fini


Caro fini


millie fini

3 thoughts on “SAL “Simple Flowers” – your gallery

  1. All gorgeous! It is lovely to see everyone else’s ideas too 🙂 Thanks for running the SAL. It was both my first SAL and my first blackwork. There’ll be many more to come as I thoroughly enjoyed it ;-D avis x

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