a bit of this, that and the other

More snowfalls last night mean that I won’t be going out today ^^ Roads look decidedly uninviting, pavements look slippery so the safest place is indoors. Which means I have some free time to share a couple of photos . . .

A bit of this, is progress on my Indian Maiden which is coming along in leaps and bounds. Here’s what she looked like last weekend

indian maiden 02and what she looks like today

indian maiden 03am concentrating on the body, gradually working my way down methodically, and finding it a great evening project because there is so much “block” stitching. Will be saving the head and shoulders for last.

A bit of that . . . my future patchwork cushion cover . . . I spent a few hours on that the other day, and have the top third assembled. Looks a bit wonky in places but that’s because I haven’t ironed seams yet. When I flatten it out, it’s looking good and I am REALLY pleased with my choice of fabric for the sashing. It’s rather bright, but that’s what I was going for, and it’s going to look fabulous on my armchair when it’s all finished.

dog windows3

And a bit of the other . . . oh I have been so wicked lol.

While sorting out fabric for my dog windows cushion, I also rummaged through my other fabrics (with the idea of beginning another bag) and found a few fabrics that go nicely together BUT not enough to make a bag.  I then went for a browse on the internet and discovered that some places are having their January Sales on-line . . . and my index finger couldn’t help clicking left right and centre lol.  I tried to remove all feeling of guilt by telling myself that I was making a huge savings ^^ (and I AM) because I only bought fabrics on sale, in the 40% off section.  They arrived this morning and they are all so gorgeous . . . even my darling husband gave a grunt of approval when he saw them.

fabric saleAs you can see, apart from the turquoise fabric, I’ve gone for fabrics that can be used together . . . wild strawberries with a gorgeous green that picks out the colour of the leaves . . . and the purple and green that blend in so well with the purple flowers.  The turquoise fabric is for other patterned fabrics that I already have in my stash.

An extra surprise, when I opened the parcel . . . a tote bag was sent along with my order ^^  A bit of free publicity for the on-line shop, which I will use when I go along to patchwork club on Wednesday because I’m sure ladies at the club will be green with envy when they see my buys and will want to know where I got them from.

fabric sale1

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