more OOAK bookmarks and cards

It’s been sub-zero temperatures here this week (-6°C today) but Lovely Lionel is keeping warm with all the mail he delivers to this house. I am, once more, amazed at the generosity of fellow bloggers who have been thinking of me and my bookmark collection. Crafting takes a great deal of time and thought . . . and I am therefore very touched that ladies I don’t know in person take the time to make things for me.  Each hand-made item is a true gem, a OOAK (one of a kind) and therefore totally unique.

From chtinange, I received a very patriotic bookmark  so that I don’t feel homesick ^^

from chtinange

From Millie a cat-themed bookmark, stitched both front

from Millie1and back, with my initial

from Mille2

From La pie kikou, two bookmarks, one stitched with a stitching theme

from la pie

and from tagada, a lovely hand-made card

from tagadaThank you so much ladies ^^



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