when it’s cold outside . . .

. . . the best place is to be all snug indoors ^^  Here are Merlin, Gandalf and Le Bleu all snuggled up nicely on one corner of the couch (which is a rare sight indeed)

cold outsideas for Willow – she was upstairs (as usual) in her own private snug spot because she NEVER sleeps with the riff raff.

While cats have been snoozing, I have been studying.  Another assignments all typed and ready to post AND a slightly irate letter too concerning my last assignment. It came back by post the other day, and I don’t agree with the grade I was given lol.  It was sent back with a sheet containing the correct answers, and as far as I’m concerned, the person correcting didn’t even take the time to READ my answers properly because he (or she) docked points left right and centre for no reason. So I want a second opinion for that!

Anyway, I am now about to embark on more “cat” lessons

biologie du chatbut am very pleased to announce that, with the assignment finished today, I have now completed 40 of the 49 assignments . . . which means only 9 to go, yay!!!!!!!!!  Overall average stands at 17.58 / 20 but would like to push it up to a nice round 18.

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