what has Lovely Lionel been bringing me?

My postie, who I affectionately call Lovely Lionel, has been busy again . . . but only because my stitching blogging friends have been busy too.  Lots of exciting mail has been dropping into my letter box (okay so the water bill also arrived today, but c’est la vie) and I’ve been having great fun discovering and admiring lots of lovely surprises.

First of all, from Avis, the most gorgeous knitted cat bookmark.  Avis knows I’m a cat-lover, and that one of my cats is called Le Bleu . . . and now I have the cutest blue striped kitty.

Avis catNow, as I just love naming things, I have been racking my brains as to a suitable name for this stripey kitty. My first thought was Tiger, but nah, he doesn’t look ferocious enough for that . . . then I decided that, with his stripes, it rather looks like he’s wearing pyjamas . . . so I’m going to call him P.J.  ^^  And send a big hug to Avis for her gorgeous present.

Also in my letter box . . . more New Year’s wishes . . . with cards from Jocelyne, Nadine and Petitemumu

more cards

and from Zazimuth . . . more bookmarks, a card and a really cute cat cushion that I am going to use as a scissor fob

from zazimuthSo a big thank you ladies – I am, once more, totally spoiled.




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