a finish and a new start

2013 is one week old, and I’m proud to say that I already have one finish – yay.  Only a small one though. On the evening of 1st Jan, I decided to stitch a “laladoll” a monochrome design by Isabelle Vautier which is available to download for free on her blog. I just grabbed a piece of aida (lacking inspiration and energy to go and look in my fabric stash) and used a Threadworx thread for the body and Venus 2344 for the hair. I was originally going to use a blackish-brown for the hair but decided to stick with blues . . . and I’m rather glad I did because I think she looks pretty all in blue.

laladoll finiShe now needs a good iron and to be finished off into something. I kept a really nice chocolate box from xmas, and am thinking about sticking her on the lid of the box and turning it into a little storage box . . . but that will need some thought before I tackle that.

No sooner had I put the last stitches to my little laladoll, than I was wondering what to stitch next. My mojo is feeling decidedly floppy since xmas and while I have loads of charts in mind of new projects, I still couldn’t find the energy it takes to go through my thread stash to sort out necessary colours. So, I took the lazy option and went for a rummage in my kit stash instead. Don’t have many kits, so it didn’t take me too long lol . . . to decide on one that I bought about 10 years ago (yeah, okay, I’m a hoarder).

Here are the first stitches

indian maiden 01which don’t look terribly exciting, I have to admit.  However, when I show you the cover picture from the kit, I think you’ll agree that I’m in for an enjoyable stitching time with this new start.

indian 01I have begun with the Indian Maiden but will, of course, stitch the Indian Brave as well. Designs are very tall and thin – each piece will be around 50cm tall – and I can already imagine them hanging together somewhere around the house, possibly with a “bell pull” kind of finish rather than framed.


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