a little bit of patchwork and a new delivery from Lovely Lionel

Two subjects in one post today . . . first up . . . a quick patchwork project.

A good friend asked me if I could make a padded pouch for her Mum: an elderly lady who can only move around indoors with two walking sticks and needed a little pouch so that she could keep the phone close by.  Obviously, if she had a mobile phone, she could just slip it in a pocket, but she doesn’t, and it was for a cordless phone that she needed it.  So . . . I decided to reduce the scale of the squares I made for my recent bag . . . make four of them, and then add a long strap in matching fabric so that she can either sling it over her shoulder or hang it round her neck.  I made my squares 8cm x 8cm so pouch is 8cm x 16cm.

housse tel1

housse tel2

I’m not too sure about my choice of fabrics.  They’re not what I would have chosen for myself, but my friend’s Mum likes liberty style print and pastel colours.  Finished off with two mother-of-pearl buttons to attach the strap and hope that it will do the job.

And on a different note . . . Lovely Lionel dropped a nice plump enveloppe in my letter box the other day, from Stéphanie. More bookmarks for my collection (some in duplicate)

merci stephanie

and also a Christmas card, some embellishments AND a lovely heart-shaped cushion to hang up.

merci stephanie2So a big thank you to Stéphanie ^^



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