“House Rules” happy dancing

Getting plenty of exercise this week, not only with my new step but also doing a happy dance for “House Rules”.  After finishing “Alphabet Fun” I had said that I didn’t want to make any new starts so picked up one of my UFOs that had been dragging on for well over a year . . . and it is a UFO no longer yay.

house rules finishedColours are quite different from the colours on packaging – this was a Historical Sampler Company kit, and I have to say that the first thing I did was to change the fabric, and then change some of the colours.  The photo on the kit makes the design look really light

house rules chart

but all the thread colours were one or two shades darker than the photo on packaging (although the correct references). This means that I ended up changing things as I went, trying to find some kind of balance and I must admit I cheated on my butterflies because there should be several colours on each wing, but I just did each butterfly in one colour, with a darker colour for the body.

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