Claire takes her first step . . .

That made you sit up and look, I’ll bet lol . . .

Let me explain in a nutshell, or even better, with a photo


Yep I’ve bought myself a “step” and a pile of beginner DVDs to go with it.  Why? Because I’ve given up smoking (again) and am determined that this is going to be IT.  However, despite not nibbling, I’ve already put on over 1 kilo in just one week . . . and while I’m not overly obsessed with my weight I have decide to take the bull by the horns and exercise each day in the hopes of preventing those kilos piling on too quickly.

Am going to keep a little book, so I can jot down training sessions and try and keep weight in check.

Mind you, it’ll be a while before I actually use my step as it is in first photo . . . I’ll be using it at the lower level . . .

step 2

in fact, I’ve already done a short session this morning.  Even low, it’s still rather difficult to follow all the steps and yet keep up with the music but I’m confident I’ll soon be stepping in time lol.  First impressions – it’s great fun.



2 thoughts on “Claire takes her first step . . .

  1. Well done Claire! It is very wise to have it lowered at first. I once went to a “Look after your heart exhibition” where you could test your heart fitness doing step work. Trouble is, I was a bit competitive and pulled a hamstring :lol:Take it gently at first 🙂

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