last batch of xmas decorations and strap suspense

My poor left thumb feels like it’s never going to recover from all the cutting with pinking shears that I’ve been doing of late. Normal scissors don’t seem to give me blisters, but my pinking shears do. Mind you . . . I have counted the total number of decorations I have made over the past days . . . and would you believe me if I say I have 197 ^^  Yep, you read correctly, almost 200 decorations made this year so it’s hardly surprising that thumb is feeling a bit worse for wear.

Won’t bore you with all the photos, but here are just some of the last batch

3rd batch a

And . . . since the sewing machine was still plugged in . . . I finally got my act together and made up the straps for my patchwork bag.  Wonders will never cease!  For the moment, the straps (or handles, if you prefer) are attached by safety pins so I’m not going to show you a full-blown photo of “the bag” . . . hehe, I’m going to be really cruel and keep you in suspense . . . and only show you the straps lol.

bag prep18


One thought on “last batch of xmas decorations and strap suspense

  1. Your straps look lovely, and as for all your Christmas Decoratiobns – you must be tickeld PINK – LOL – Thought I mnust get one pinking shears joke in. I remember the last time I used mine – same issue, it is weight of the shears that does it. But the end result is marvelous. Great job as always xoxox

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