a bit of this that and the other

Cold wet and windy again outside, so best place will be indoors today. Just as well, since my plan was to assemble yet more tree decorations.  I had a good sewing session last night  and have added this lot to the “done” pile

decos batch2

decos batch3

decos batch 3aYou may recognise those fabrics as ones I showed the other day (bought on ebay). I had 33 squares of the old fashioned print, and 66 of the green & red designs. I haven’t finished ALL squares yet, but think I made another 60 yesterday. Also came across a few odd xmas squares left over from last year so will continue my decoration workshop this evening.

Other photo to share . . . more bookmarks for my collection, thanks to Flo. She was in London only the other week, so sent me a postcard lol AND two bookmarks, the bottom one in photo is from one her trip to Israel.

from Flo

That’s the “this and that” now for “the other” . . .

Took Blackjack to vets yesterday, main reason being annual jab, but also to talk about his apparent anxiety attacks.  Vet agreed, it’s all in his head, and aside from trying to make his life more interesting when I’m home, there’s no way I can stop ever leaving the house again so we’re going to have to resort to medication. For the moment I’m starting Blackjack on Zylkène to see how he goes . . . and vet is going to discuss his case with a colleague (who is also an animal behaviour specialist) because Prozac is apparently a recommended option.

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