“House Rules”

With my “Alphabet Fun” finished recently, I was tempted to begin a new cross stitch project . . . very tempted . . . but then I had a look at my UFOs and realised I had three still dragging on. One design called “Vert Campagne” which I had begun to stitch again for the Wipocalypse challenge (which I haven’t kept up with); one “Colourful Lorikeets” which I also made some progress with but it’s still far from a finish . . . and the third “House Rules” which I put to one side in 2011 (I think).

So . . . I decided it would be more reasonable to tackle one of these three, and try to get another finish before the end of the year, and save a NEW project for the New Year ^^  Sound sensible?  As you can see from the title, the one I have picked up again is “House Rules” a design by the Historical Sampler Company.  I’m stitching over one on 27 count evenweave, so need my granny magnifying glasses to work.  Here’s what it looked like the other day before I picked up

house rules beforeAnd here’s how it looks today

house rules 30 11It doesn’t look like much progress but it represents several evenings of stitching (some handicapped by TWO cats on my lap). Have finished the bird house, have two birds (without beaks, eyes or feet), a pumpkin and the beginnings of a garden shed.

naughty naughty spending spree

Hihi, I’ve been having something of a naughty spending spree (on the internet of course) and am so thrilled with my buys that I come to show you.  First up, from a lovely seller on ebay in the UK . . . some more fabric for my stash.  The Christmas squares will soon be transformed into tree decorations, but the other two fabrics will be for something else. Not sure what yet, but I couldn’t resist such bright colours.

Next buy, and again on ebay, but from a French seller this time . . . the most gorgeous buttons you have ever seen.

15 wooden buttons, 40mm in diameter, for only 4.90 euros (not sure how much that is in ££ or $$ but it’s a bargain). Not sure either what I’m going to use them for and suspect I’ll decide they’re just too beautiful to use, and will end up starting a button collection lol.  I could have bought lots of the same design, which would have been more practical for finishing a project, but me being me, I went for the assorted lot lol.

And last buy but not least . . . on amazon this time . . . the brand new Isabelle Vautier book which came off the press last month. Isabelle has moved away from her usual monochromes to publish this gorgeous selection of kokeshi dolls. There are dolls from January to December, but also several other designs that simply cry out “stitch me! no stitch ME!”.

I think you can guess what designer I’ll be stitching in 2013 ^^