are you sitting comfortably?

How do the cats know when I sit down to cross stitch? Why is it, that no sooner do I pick up needle and thread, than cats suddenly appear out of nowhere and decide that the place place to sleep is on my lap?  And when will they realise that there’s only room on my lap for ONE cat?

Was stitching last night in “my corner” of the living room (which means my armchair, surrounded by my usual clutter) with Merlin on my lap . . . when along came Le Bleu.  Most put-out to see that my lap was already taken, that didn’t deter him and he hopped up anyway.

Usually, this intrusion would have been enough to make Merlin move (because Le Bleu has a habit of boxing his ears) but last night Merlin played dead, and pretended he was fast asleep.  So Le Bleu, just pushed and shoved a bit

and hey presto . . . there WAS enough room on my lap for two cats lol.

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