more of my furry friends

After the photo of Le Bleu and Merlin both managing to share my lap . . . cats had a bit more space for snoozing this morning . . . but even so, Le Bleu and Merlin kept pretty close. Must be the colder weather?

And another photo, this time of Blackjack’s rear end (see further down) . . . rather strange thing to photograph, you might think, but Blackjack has got me slightly worried. In July, we had a “foot problem” where Blackjack literally ATE the pads of one foot and had to spend about 4 weeks wearing bandage & sock, not to mention treatment to get things to heal. We assumed he had had something stuck in his foot, and had chewed away to get it out.  Anyway . . . foot healed but then he started licking his other paws all the time. The end result was irritated paws, especially between the toes . . . so back to vet in August for some cortisone treatment.

Vet asked me then if Blackjack could be suffering from anxiety. I couldn’t really see WHY he should be anxious all of a sudden, but that little seed was planted in my mind and since then, I began watching Blackjack’s behaviour more closely. There’s no real reason for him to be anxious, since I’m home most of the time (except for a few hours here and there) however, I then realised what it could be . . . .

When Blackjack arrived in this family, all three of our kids still lived at home (more or less) then in 2010 the two lads moved out permanently, and our daughter was away for a few weeks in July this year, and then left in August.  Those last dates seem to coincide with Blackjack’s problem. Could he be suffering from “empty nest syndrome”?

Anyway, daughter came home at half term (end of October) for one week, and Blackjack was back to his normal self . . . no paw-licking. BUT daughter left early November . . . and since then Blackjack has suddenly taken to licking his rump. So much so, that he now has a bald patch as big as my hand !!!!!

There is no apparent physical reason – no parasites, no cuts or injuries . . . but every time I go out, even if it’s just 15 minutes to the PO, I come back to find he’s been licking some more and the patch is getting bigger and bigger.  To give you another idea . . . Blackjack actually coughed up a furball the other day!  Have you ever heard of a DOG coughing up a furball?  I certainly haven’t.

Anyway . . . have an appointment for him at vet’s on Monday (for booster jabs) so am going to have a talk to vet about Blackjack’s apparent anxiety.  I can’t stop going out ever again, just to make sure he doesn’t lick himself naked, so I really need to find out what is the matter and what I can do to make things right.

On a side-note . . . to any wordpress bloggers . . . what is going on with the photo gallery on WP?  Everything has changed !!!


are you sitting comfortably?

How do the cats know when I sit down to cross stitch? Why is it, that no sooner do I pick up needle and thread, than cats suddenly appear out of nowhere and decide that the place place to sleep is on my lap?  And when will they realise that there’s only room on my lap for ONE cat?

Was stitching last night in “my corner” of the living room (which means my armchair, surrounded by my usual clutter) with Merlin on my lap . . . when along came Le Bleu.  Most put-out to see that my lap was already taken, that didn’t deter him and he hopped up anyway.

Usually, this intrusion would have been enough to make Merlin move (because Le Bleu has a habit of boxing his ears) but last night Merlin played dead, and pretended he was fast asleep.  So Le Bleu, just pushed and shoved a bit

and hey presto . . . there WAS enough room on my lap for two cats lol.