a big thank you to Chantal

I’ve taking part in an exchange on a French forum with 4 other ladies.  I have already made, and sent my gifts to everyone, in fact I think I sent the last one way back in August, but we had a full calendar year.  Anyway, today I received a huge parcel from Chantal so the unpacking was very exciting . . . almost like Christmas early ^^

Chantal has made me one of her “specialities” . . . you’ve all seen puzzle mats I imagine?  Sort of large piece of green felt that you do puzzle on, then roll it up to keep it safe until you want to work on it again. Well, Chantal makes a WIP roll . . . very ingenious!  It can be used for patchwork blocks or for cross stitch pieces . . . idea is you lay it on mat, then roll it up to take it places, and it doesn’t get all creased!

She also added two lovely thimbles for my collection AND a zany cat bookmark for my bookmark collection.

So a big thank you Chantal.


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