Willow wonderings . . .

Willow is the only female of our cat family and is the most timid.  Not that she’s anti-social because she loves having a cuddle BUT she does tend to live as something of a recluse, up on the second floor of the house, and usually only ventures to the ground floor on her way outside. The dog is probably the main reason she stays out of the way.  Blackjack is lovely and very friendly with all the cats but Willow doesn’t understand the wagging tail and lolloping tongue, so there is a definite communication problem there.

Now I have no idea WHY, but this evening Willow came downstairs, saw me with the sewing machine all set up in the dining room and decided to honour me with her presence ^^  Usually I do my sewing upstairs, in her domaine, so perhaps seeing fabric everywhere, and the whir of the machine made the dining table more appealing all of a sudden. Made it seem like her “comfort zone”. Who knows what goes on inside a cat’s brain?

Whatever the reason, Willow settled quite comfortably on the table . . . sometimes coming between me and the machine . . . sometimes trying to grab the pins . . . and purring contentedly all the while. 

I won’t show you the sewing in question as it’s not finished yet ^^ but I will tell you I have begun making two little wall-hangings with the two Lizzie Kate cross stitch variations I finished recently. Am going for REALLY bright fabric as I want them to be “fun”.

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