quick xmas tree decorations – batch 1

Christmas is less than one month away, so I have begun some serious preparation.  Since my sewing machine is out of order at the moment, I borrowed my daughter’s (she’s not home so she won’t mind lol). First stage for today was to sort materials. I have bought more printed fabric squares, felt and ribbon, not to mention some iron-backing so I began by ironing my fabric (uncut) onto the backing and then cut up all my squares. Used pinking shears for a nice zig-zag as I think it looks prettier. Then cut my felt squares (just roughly) and lengths of ribbon . . . and then I was all set.

I began with red thread on the sewing machine and zoomed through some red felt squares

then changed over to green to add to the pile

The next stage gave me some lovely blisters on my thumb . . . as I then trimmed each decoration with pinking shears but it was well worth it as I then had 50 cute tree decorations

However, it was not all plain sailing . . . oh no . . . when I was trimming the felt, I discovered I’m made a mistake with some of the fabric squares . . . spot the error

For some reason, I had a brain glitch with this particular print and I’ve assembled them upside down lol.  So they don’t count in my final score of 50 for the day, and will need unpicking.

A few more pictures of some of my favourite prints from this fabric

3 thoughts on “quick xmas tree decorations – batch 1

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