patchwork bag assembly (almost there)

The last few stitching sessions on my patchwork bag have been SO MUCH FUN ^^ (in capital letters because it really has been fun!). Things went a lot quicker than I had expected, and I now have a proper bag shape.  All my squares were the same size (give or take a mm on one or two) so I didn’t have any trouble getting them lined up properly. And it looks a lot prettier than I had thought it would.

I still have to make the strap and add buttons, so it’s only a sort of big pouch at the moment. And I’ve been thinking about the 3 extra squares I made.  Have decided to use them all as pockets inside. I’ll stitch one square to one side, for a smaller pocket . . . and then will stitch the other two squares together to have a larger pocket on the other side.

So – stay tuned for photos of the finished thing, which shouldn’t be too long.

And I suspect I’ll be snipping fabric and making another one before the year is out, but obviously in different fabric and colours.


5 thoughts on “patchwork bag assembly (almost there)

  1. Wow – your a dynamo of the stitching world. You have achieved so much, and the bag looks wonderful. At first I was unsure how it ws going to turn our – but am very impressed with the design and fabrics you have chosen. Its lovely

    • thanks Debbie. My onlu worry is that it’s looking a bit “posh” and I don’t think it’ll go with my usual outfit of jeans and Tshirt lol

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