4 down in 4 days

After the kick in the pants I gave myself the other day (about home-schooling) I have been oh so strict with myself. And as a result, I have completed four assignments in as many days . . . have to say that it was on cat breeds and, due to my huge interest in cats, I found the work quite easy.  That doesn’t mean I got full marks all round, but scores were 17, 19 and 18.5 out of 20 for the first three which I did on-line. I have to wait for the fourth result but I’m confident lol.  This means I am now ready to move on to the next module.  I can choose which order I do things in, but since I’ve been looking at cats, I thought it best to stay with cats. So next module is all about illnesses and disease.

I suspect the lessons provided will be quite summary so will also be reading (or should I say re-reading) through one of my useful reference books.

Being realistic, this next module will take me more than a few days, but if I can keep to the study plan, I should complete it by early December.