patchwork bag – assembly part 1

Well, assembly of my patchwork bag has now officially begun ^^

I began yesterday afternoon at patchwork club, and continued in my armchair last night. So far I have four squares assembled to make the base, and then branches of 3 squares . . . so it looks something like a 4-legged spider at the moment.

Ladies had a good laugh (at my expense) yesterday . . . on the instruction sheet, it said 19 “square” and 16 “japanese” . . . so I dutifully made up 19 identical squares. I realise now that those two instructions were referring to the type of bag, and since I want to make the “japanese” style bag, I only need 16 squares lol.  Not to worry – I will use one of my extra squares to add as a pocket inside . . . and I’m toying with the idea of using the other two to make a little matching purse. Seems a shame to have made them and not use them.

Anyway – hubbie is going away for a few days at the beginning of next week, so I’m hoping to complete assembly and make my bag straps. Bag won’t be completely finished until I add buttons BUT I’m still not sure what size will be best, so I’m going to wait until bag is properly assembled before I decide and order.


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