only 5 months to complete

I have been a naughty girl . . . my home-schooling course on Animal Care sort of fell by the wayside.  From late May this year, I was a little preoccupied with daughter, and her Baccalauréat exam revision. Then when that was behind us, I was busy organising things for her to leave home and begin her higher education in Lyon in September. Weeks turned into months, with me saying “I’ll get back on track in October”. But I didn’t !  And now we’re almost at the end of November, and I realise I only have 5 calendar months in which to complete my course.

So . . . this morning, after a quick dash around doing some housework, I sat down to get back to studying.

Have just begun a new module on cats: all about different breeds of cats. The book of “lessons” provided by the school is fairly thin BUT they also sent me a proper reference book, full of lovely photos, and all I need to know about the different breeds.  Very interesting stuff lol and I am pleased to announce that I had a very productive studying session, and have completed a new assignment. Overall average is now up to 17.95 out of 20 . . . and I have 16 more assignments to complete before the end of April.  Motivation is back  – yay!  I’ve made myself a study plan and am determined, not only to complete the course, but also to bring my average grade up to 18 by the end.  Will mean a few less hours each week to cross stitch or patchwork BUT I really need to do this for myself. It’s sort of a personal challenge and I don’t want to let myself down.

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