thimble collection is growing

I haven’t posted any recent photos of my new thimble collection . . . which is growing lol but proving ever so difficult to document because my camera just isn’t up to zooming in on small objects. I’ve tried, and tried again, but have real problems taking any decent photos. I zoom in and things just go fuzzy . . . I zoom out and lose all detail.  So, apologies for the poor quality of pictures. Anyway if my collection is growing, it’s because I have discovered a lovely on-line shop Cottage Thimbles which have loads of really nice items at very reasonable prices AND their service & packaging is simply brilliant.  The other great thing about Cottage Thimbles, is that when you place an order, you get a FREE thimble : the special of the month, so it’s a great incentive to shop regularly ^^

Recent additions to my collection therefore are

4 London monuments

which cost me £1 each.

Second photo is of a few buys on ebay! England, Yorkshire, Wales  plus a second Wales  from Cottage Thimbles


and two of their dated collection (photo is fuzzy) which were my free gifts: one is July 2012 and the other the Jubilee 2012

and then three of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, bought on ebay

I now need to keep my eyes open for a suitable display unit.  The one I bought on ebay is great, but can only hold so many . . . so for the moment I have it on a shelf unit with just part of my collection on display, and the others are stored in a wooden box.