“Did you ever . . . ” Lizzie Kate

Having a short break from Bothy Threads’ “Alphabet Fun” and working on a few smaller projects . . . but still going for designs with lots of colour because weather is so grey and dismal, I need something to cheer me up.  This weekend, I began (and finished) a lovely Lizzie Kate design – just need to add 2 small buttons to the pink band –

and it was so much fun, that I’ve begun stitching it again lol. I’m going to use the same colours, but am swapping them around a little.

mini SAL

I am leading a mini SAL over on my French blog, but thought I’d post here too, in case anyone is tempted to join in. It’s for Barbara Ana fans, with a quick “Let it snow” design which is available to download free here: Barbara Ana freebies

Stitching in four stages, over 4 weeks, . . . here is photo of the first stage.

the striped band of wooly hat, the orange carrot nose, and the outline of the rectangle.  Second stage will be posted on 18th November.