more bookmarks thanks to Stéphanie

No bills in the post this morning, which makes for a nice change . . . instead, a few more bookmarks from Stéphanie. I’m posting two photos because a couple of them have a nice picture on the back too. And the “Girl” one is from Stéphanie’s daughter, who is pretty sure I won’t have that in my collection already – and she’s right ^^

stitching for charity

With November almost into its second week, I realise I ought to get my act together and finish off a few little projects I had stitched with a view to sending for charity sales. This year, I signed myself up to make some items for two Christmas fêtes.

One, “Les Blouses Roses” raises money for a hospital. I made a few decorations for them in 2010 and again in 2011 BUT the 2011 fête didn’t take place, so I put things to one side until I got the green light for 2012. They will be having a small stall this year, so here’s what I’m sending: a little framed design, four little ladybird coasters in serviettage, and various tree decorations.

For the second good cause . . . it’s a cat shelter: “Les Cat’pattes du 49”.  They are looking for xmas-themed, or cat-themed items to sell to help raise money to keep the shelter running . . . so today I finished off the two monochrome designs I had stitched into small wooden trays, and am sending some tree decorations along too. Le Bleu came to inspect . . . more interested in the tinsel and ribbons than the actual sewing ^^

Now I just need to find two boxes to pack everything up and post.