easy fabric square decorations

Scissors have been snipping and needle has been stitching to make up some xmas decorations (still with the animal shelter xmas fête in mind). Nothing “frilly” about these decorations as I’m simply trying to make up as many as possible (for as low a cost as possible) so that the animal shelter has lots of little goodies to sell. I am working along the lines that it’s best to have lots of small items to sell at 1 or 2 euros apiece, than large items to sell for more. People are usually willing to part with a few coins, at this kind of event, so I’m hoping that my little tree decorations will hit the spot.

I often use felt when stitching with fabric squares, but don’t have in my stash at the moment (and don’t have any spare cash to go buying this month either) . . . which is why I’ve gone for the “cardboard” technique again. I always keep empty cereal packets so it’s a great way of recycling.  With these fabric squares, I decided to go for a 8cm square so cut up my cereal boxes into 8cm squares . . . laced fabric onto cardboard

and then sandwiched two squares together, with loop of ribbon in middle and did some “whip stitching” all around the edge.

The cutting and lacing take up more time than the actual assembly, but once that’s done, I have a nice pile of laced squares on the shelf unit next to my armchair, and I’m trying to assemble a couple every evening.


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