bag preparation – I now have a square lol

I warned you I was slow . . . last week I posted this photo of my 19 circles all nicely “hemmed” and ironed, alongside my 19 fabric squares & wadding.

This afternnon I tootled off to patchwork club with all my pieces thinking I’d done the major part of the preparation . . . and no !  Next stage is going to take me even longer lol.  It took me well over two hours just to pin my pieces for the next stage:  square of fabric & wadding placed on a circle, and then circle pinned nicely around to make the final square. Only problem is that I had to keep unpinning because my squares never seemed to be “square”.  However – 2 hours later, and I had my 19 bits all pinned together thus

Next stage is to sew a running seam around each using a nice contrasting thread. There will actually be TWO colours of thread used to decorate, but the base colour is “gold”.  My stitches don’t seem terribly even but I’m assured it won’t notice once I add the second colour . . . so off I went

And for the moment I have one square lol.

I kept checking measurements all the time – this one is 12cm square so that’s a relief. Now have to tackle the other 18 this week and then I really will be ready for the assembly part.

The back looks like this

but that will be the inside of the bag, so I don’t suppose it really matters.


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