more getting ready for xmas

I don’t know about you, but I always like to prepare for xmas early.  I have already begun my xmas shopping (in fact, I think I began that way back in July ^^) and I’m buying the odd gift each month so that I won’t have to go out on a big shopping spree in December. I’ve also been making the most of evenings to do a few small stitchy projects to make a batch of tree decorations for 2012.  I showed you the “Winter” Lizzie Kate design all stitched, and this afternoon I finished that off very simply with a piece of felt and ribbon.

And since I was assembling . . . I also finished off two identical pieces, in the same way.

“Meilleurs Voeux” is a design by les bonheurs de sophie

I stitched this design several times a few years ago but kept it in my archives because I like the simplicity. Stitched using Threadworx threads, seed beads and a little button as the door of the birdhouse. I didn’t use traditional xmas colours at all, as I’m in a “using up end of skeins” phase, but I have to say, I think they look very pretty in pinky mauves.

Also . . . Lovely Lionel stopped by the other day with a nice thick enveloppe from Sandrine . . . and more bookmarks for my collection. So a big thank you to Sandrine.



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