“Winter” – Lizzie Kate

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a blog candy thanks to pOmme . . . who sent me a limited edition Lizzie Kate Fab Fob kit.  Chart came with fabric, seed beads, button and tiny pair of scissors.  This design is only small, so a nice “one-nighter” project and hey ho it’s done.

I didn’t actually use the fabric that came in the pack as it was rather on the large size and I thought I would keep it for a slightly bigger project. So instead, I just used a left over piece of evenweave I had to hand.  Changed colours slightly too and hence didn’t use the little pale blue button AND I realise I made a mistake with my “W” ^^ but not to worry.  Finished stitching looks a bit on the big side to make it into a scissor fob (in my opinion) so I’m probably going to finish off into a tree decoration.

I have a few small designs I plan on stitching over the next weeks (with xmas in mind) so I’ll have a grand finishing off session and show you all later.


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