Housework . . . . the never-ending story

Like many pet-owners, I find that housework is a never-ending story.  There always seems to be dog hair floating around, no matter how often I hoover or sweep . . . and when it’s not dog hair, it’s paw prints (either canine or feline) which show up really well on our tiled floor.  I don’t usually complain, because it’s my choice to have so many animals, but this morning, as I was going round with the broom (so as not to disturb sleeping cats with the vacuum cleaner) I was amazed, as always, by the amount that accumulates in just 24 hours.

Blackjack is the culprit.

Ah, it’s not his fault, as he didn’t ask to be born with such a shaggy coat.  But at the moment he’s moulting and boy can you tell !!  I gave him a good brush in the garden yesterday, to try and get rid of some of the unwanted fur outdoors, but all he has to do is walk around, wagging his tail, and more fur starts wafting.

Here is the pile I swept up this morning, just going round the ground floor.

I swept up a similar sized heap when doing all the bedrooms and first floor landing.

My tiles measure 30cm x 30cm to give you an idea . . . and by this time tomorrow I’ll have the same again.


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