bag preparations

As a beginner patchworker, I find that preparing for a new project is very exciting lol. The selecting of fabric, the cutting out of pieces . . . and seeing that everything is ready to begin the important task of stitching together. I chose my fabrics ages ago (taking advantage of an annual sale last Christmas, for the printed fabric) but it has taken me this long to feel up to tackling this project.  Here are materials I’ll be using (am going for red & gold threads, and will keep the blue for another project)

But now I’m ready ^^  I prepared my cardboard circles and square

have cut out my 19 circles in “pine green” and my 19 squares in this gorgeous fabric

and have also prepared my 19 pieces of wadding.

Now comes the first stitching part . . . to tackle my circles . . .


4 thoughts on “bag preparations

    • lol I’m hoping to motivate myself by having posted that first article . . . and really plan on getting pieces all ready for some serious assembly work at the club on Wednesday

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