more bookmarks and future patchwork project

A two-in-one post today. First to show more additions to my bookmark collection from Dolma . . .

And secondly, to show you materials for a future patchwork project ^^

I am still ploughing away with my beginner’s sampler which got stuffed in a drawer in July and only saw the light of day when patchwork club began again last week.  I haven’t taken a recent photo as there’s not much progress to show . . . it still looks roughly like this

aside from the fact that I’ve begun adding the outer border of pale green.

It’s rather a boring task just hand-stitching long bands, so if I’m planning a new project, it’s to give myself something more exciting to do during the week . . . and the idea is to make a bag.  Most of the ladies in the club have made one, and they are not only practical but very beautiful. In February this year I saw all the different versions on display at the annual patchwork show and I have to say, THIS one is my favourite.

This is Mado’s bag. Mado joined the patchwork club round about the same time as I did but is a lot more hard-working than me and has already finished several projects. She tells me the bag is very easy to make . . . so I’m all set to give it a go with my choice of fabrics. I need two different coloured threads (for the moment I have a possible 3) so I need to decide whether I use gold & red or gold & blue. And also plan on buying some gold buttons for the decorative part.


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