“T” for “teapot”

Some letters are quicker to stitch than others . . . and the “T” is one of them. Managed to get this little teapot stitched in just a couple of hours which means I’ve completed another line of “Alphabet Fun”.  Twenty letters down, only six to go ^^

“S” for “seahorse”

“S” for “seahorse” but also for “stars” and “shell”  as I finished another letter of “Alphabet Fun” byt Bothy Threads.

This is literally my sole stitching project at the moment although I do have a few ideas in mind of other future starts. While I will be sad to finish this design (because it’s so much fun) I’m also eager to move onto something else. Won’t say what as I haven’t made my mind up yet ^^

a few new bookmarks

I have picked up a few new bookmarks to add to my collection (and picked up several of each for fellow bookmark collectors) . . . one a publicity bookmark for the latest JK Rowling book  and one to advertise “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Neither book has had great reviews lol so I probably won’t be reading either of them BUT I’m still pleased to have these new additions to my collection.

a little patchwork progress

Some “boring” stitching at patchwork club on Wednesday and at home today, as I decided it was time to get back to work on my beginner’s sampler. Hadn’t done much on it since July/August, it was just folded in a bag, but I realise it’s never going to get finished that way so . . .

lots of straight line stitching to add the outer border in pale green. Actually took less time than I thought, once I got started ^^ (often the way) and here is what it looks like.

Still have to angle off the corners, to finish them properly before I give it a good iron and then next stage will be quilting, I think!

“R” for “rocket”

A little more stitching on my Bothy Threads “Alphabet Fun” is rather a welcome break from the xmas preparations I am busy with.  For this week, I added the little ladybird which I forgot to stitch, as an extra doodle for the “L” . . . and had take-off, with a “R” for “Rocket”.

What I like so much about this design, aside from the obvious fun colours and zany illustrations, is that it’s perfect for both boys AND girls.

easy fabric square decorations

Scissors have been snipping and needle has been stitching to make up some xmas decorations (still with the animal shelter xmas fête in mind). Nothing “frilly” about these decorations as I’m simply trying to make up as many as possible (for as low a cost as possible) so that the animal shelter has lots of little goodies to sell. I am working along the lines that it’s best to have lots of small items to sell at 1 or 2 euros apiece, than large items to sell for more. People are usually willing to part with a few coins, at this kind of event, so I’m hoping that my little tree decorations will hit the spot.

I often use felt when stitching with fabric squares, but don’t have in my stash at the moment (and don’t have any spare cash to go buying this month either) . . . which is why I’ve gone for the “cardboard” technique again. I always keep empty cereal packets so it’s a great way of recycling.  With these fabric squares, I decided to go for a 8cm square so cut up my cereal boxes into 8cm squares . . . laced fabric onto cardboard

and then sandwiched two squares together, with loop of ribbon in middle and did some “whip stitching” all around the edge.

The cutting and lacing take up more time than the actual assembly, but once that’s done, I have a nice pile of laced squares on the shelf unit next to my armchair, and I’m trying to assemble a couple every evening.

bag preparation – I now have a square lol

I warned you I was slow . . . last week I posted this photo of my 19 circles all nicely “hemmed” and ironed, alongside my 19 fabric squares & wadding.

This afternnon I tootled off to patchwork club with all my pieces thinking I’d done the major part of the preparation . . . and no !  Next stage is going to take me even longer lol.  It took me well over two hours just to pin my pieces for the next stage:  square of fabric & wadding placed on a circle, and then circle pinned nicely around to make the final square. Only problem is that I had to keep unpinning because my squares never seemed to be “square”.  However – 2 hours later, and I had my 19 bits all pinned together thus

Next stage is to sew a running seam around each using a nice contrasting thread. There will actually be TWO colours of thread used to decorate, but the base colour is “gold”.  My stitches don’t seem terribly even but I’m assured it won’t notice once I add the second colour . . . so off I went

And for the moment I have one square lol.

I kept checking measurements all the time – this one is 12cm square so that’s a relief. Now have to tackle the other 18 this week and then I really will be ready for the assembly part.

The back looks like this

but that will be the inside of the bag, so I don’t suppose it really matters.

more getting ready for xmas

I don’t know about you, but I always like to prepare for xmas early.  I have already begun my xmas shopping (in fact, I think I began that way back in July ^^) and I’m buying the odd gift each month so that I won’t have to go out on a big shopping spree in December. I’ve also been making the most of evenings to do a few small stitchy projects to make a batch of tree decorations for 2012.  I showed you the “Winter” Lizzie Kate design all stitched, and this afternoon I finished that off very simply with a piece of felt and ribbon.

And since I was assembling . . . I also finished off two identical pieces, in the same way.

“Meilleurs Voeux” is a design by les bonheurs de sophie

I stitched this design several times a few years ago but kept it in my archives because I like the simplicity. Stitched using Threadworx threads, seed beads and a little button as the door of the birdhouse. I didn’t use traditional xmas colours at all, as I’m in a “using up end of skeins” phase, but I have to say, I think they look very pretty in pinky mauves.

Also . . . Lovely Lionel stopped by the other day with a nice thick enveloppe from Sandrine . . . and more bookmarks for my collection. So a big thank you to Sandrine.


a quick monochrome kitty

Every year I always like to do a little bit of stitching for charity – it’s my way of combining my love of stitching with the “good feeling” of doing something for a worthy cause. This year I am answering a call to make some little objects to be sold for a cat shelter at their Xmas fête.  Several French bloggers have been creating some quick designs for this project . . . one of them being Corinne aka Passions Broderie

So last night, with Merlin sitting on my lap, I set to work with a quick kitty stitch . . . I was originally thinking of finishing it off into a bookmark but since I stitched on 14 count aida it has turned out a little on the large size lol.

Am now thinking of finishing it off as a little tray. I have some in my stash. Just need to get out the sand paper, paint, and set to work.