War museum and more bookmarks

Today our Aussie friends were all set to visit the Louvre . . . but due to circumstances beyond our control (French rail services decided to do a surprise strike) that idea went down the drain. Not wanting to sit around and drown ourselves in more coffee, we decided to head off in a completely different direction (where we didn’t have to rely on public transport) and went for a drive to Meaux to visit “The Great War Museum”.

This museum only opened in November last year, but I had already heard great reviews about it . . . and it proved to be an excellent & informative museum to visit. Lots of things to see and loads of little multi-media effects throughout.

No museum visit is complete without a visit to the gift shop at the end ^^ where I treated myself to a new bookmark for my collection. I chose one that represents the memorial statue : “La libérté éplorée” – a statue which was a gift to France from the United States.


And . . . while showing you this new bookmark, I realise I forgot to show a few I bought while in Paris last week.


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