I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days, mainly because I wasn’t at home . . . but I’m back now ^^ so blogging and life in general will slowly get back to normal.  The reason for my short absence was a 4-day trip down to Lyon. Our daughter, aka Lindahsee, has now moved onto the exciting “student” phase of life and will be starting a three year degree course in 3D animation for computer games and film industry. Her art college is in the heart of Lyon so we drove her (and all her stuff) down, saw her settled in, and have left her with 10 days to get to know her way about, make new friends, etc and be all ready for the start of term on 11th Sept at

I did no stitching or sewing of any kind during our trip so, sadly, have nothing to show you there. However, I did come home to find a few more bookmarks waiting for me . . . one from Agnès

and three from pOmme


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