sticky needle syndrome

Temperatures have been rising making it more and more difficult to get comfortable with cross stitching what with sweaty hands and sticky needle syndrome. Add to that, the fact that we have been redecorating non-stop for the last week and I simply want to flake out because of general tiredness (and now the heat) . . . progress has been slow.

My Colourful Lorikeets only saw a few hours work because I couldn’t concentrate properly on counting and the green colour changes so have only progressed from this

to this

And it took me twice as long as usual to stitch the next letter for “Alphabet Fun”.  A “H” for “hearts”

Weather forecast for today is 38°C in the shade and it’s the hottest day this summer.  Some areas of France will be sweltering with 40°C so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. Main problem is that houses are not really built for that kind of temperature. We don’t have air-conditioning, so it’s a question of keeping all windows and shutters firmly shut in the hopes of keeping the heat out . . . with a bit of luck, temps will start dropping and life will be more bearable mid-week.


6 thoughts on “sticky needle syndrome

  1. I was in France (Alsace) a few years ago on holiday. It was 35 degrees and felt like I was sitting in an oven. We were camping so there was little escape from the heat. The French people seemed to love it. Definitely too much for us! Avis x

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