I’m not spending much time on the internet or cross stitching these last few days. Have spent over a week having a sort and clear out in the house (main reason being that two sons have officially moved out and so we want to regain their bedrooms ^^

Have decided to start at the top of the house and work our way down – which means beginning in second son’s bedroom. Took ages to sort and box up his stuff and then shift it somewhere else. First photo shows his room almost empty, with mank blue carpet and sunshine yellow wallpaper that was peeling off.

So first job was to finish emptying room and rip wallpaper off the walls.  Next to give an undercoat of matt white and fill in any holes or imperfections in walls

Work today has been to add second coat of paint in a creamy white: “blanc cassé” it says on the paint pot ^^  And then, the horrendous part . . . pull up the carpet. That was a very dusty job since the upper layer came off fine and we then spend hours scraping to get the underlayer off . . . so covered in dust and aching arms after all that work. At the end of work today the room looks like this

Tomorrow we will finishing scraping and cleaning the floor before we tackle skirting boards . . . and then it’ll be time to lay flooring tiles.


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