more thimbles and bookmarks

My collections of thimbles and bookmarks have grown some more this week.  First of all . . . I received a comment from Aurum who also collects bookmarks, asking if I wanted to do a swap . . . to which I replied “of course” ^^  So I had a rummage in my duplicates box and sent a batch to Aurum, who in turn, sent me a batch of her duplicates. So 14 new specimens for my collection.

Next, my darling daughter (aka Lindashee) decided to follow my example with the massive clear-out in bedrooms . . . and decided I could have the bookmarks she found in her drawers. Two are ones I actually made for her in my early stitching years (and the canary one could do with a gentle soak because it’s decidedly filthy)

Then, on the thimble front . . . while ordering thimbles for myself the other week (the London series) I ordered a second set and sent to Christine . . . who very kindly sent me a parcel in return.  Not only did she send me three thimbles (sorry about the fuzzy photos) one of which has my initial on one side and a dog’s head on the other

but she also sent two lavendar bags and lots of different printed fabrics for future sewing projects.

So a big thank you to Christine, Aurum and my daughter.


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