“G” for “guitar

I’m busy at the moment having a MASSIVE clean-out in the house. Working my way through approximately ten years of accumulated possessions (sometimes more) and being totally ruthless as to what I keep and what I throw out. Days seem to whizz by, with this activity, and I usually end up covered in dust totally zombified by the time evening comes, which means that stitching time has not been very productive.  However, saying that, I do have some progress to show since I’m only working on two projects . . . stitching on “Alphabet Fun” at the weekend and my “Colourful lorikeets” from Monday – Friday.

Last pic I posted of my lorikeets, they looked like this

today they look like this

I have been busy on the right hand-side of the chart, working on the bark of tree as well as adding some outline to the third lorikeet. I’ve made a mistake somewhere in the tree part, but I can’t seem to find it, so I’m just going to plough on and hope it won’t notice.

Also added another letter to “Alphabet Fun” so have a “G” for “guitar



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