“Thimbles” – Edwin F. Holmes

Today I received the second book on thimbles that I ordered from a Market Place seller on amazon and am looking forward to learning a bit more about these little sewing accessories.

This book was published in 1976 so only editions around are second-hand. My copy is an old library book (with the City of Liverpool Public Libraries sticker inside lol) but is in excellent condition for the price I paid (just under 10 euros). The book is a nice hefty hard-back one, with 150 pages . . . loads of text, looking at the history of thimbles and classifying them by the materials used ( porcelain, enamel, gold, mother of pearl, ivory, silver, bone, horn, leather, glass, stone, wood, fabric, brass & plastic) . . . lots of photos in b&w but also 8 pages in colour . . . so if there are any thimble collectors out there who don’t own this book, I suggest you try and get your hands on a copy because it looks like it’s going to be a fascinating read.

Here are a few snaps of the inside


3 thoughts on ““Thimbles” – Edwin F. Holmes

  1. Hi Claire,
    You certainly have immersed yourself in your new passion. What a fascinating subject. I loved the photograph of the thimble factory. It makes me want to step back in time.

    Congratulations on becoming a digitabulist…… and, yes, I did have to look it up!

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