lorikeet progress and book on thimbles

Weather has been up and down. Some days really hot and muggy, and then suddenly turning really cool with grey skies and rain. I must say, I prefer the latter, as when it’s too hot I just don’t know what to do with myself and stitching really slows down because of sweaty hands.

Some relatively decent progress to show on “Colourful Lorikeets” this week (Fiona Jude). Here is photo from last week

and as of today, as I work my way to the far right of my fabric and begin work on the tree

Other news . . . with my newly discovered thimble collection hobby, I have been trying to read up and document myself a little on the history of thimbles. There doesn’t seem to be much info out there, and not many books on the subject. However, I came across a couple of second-hand books on amazon’s market place and this morning I received one of the books I ordered. “Book” is rather a grand name as it’s only a very slim 32 pages.  “Thimbles” by Eleanor Johnson, published in 1982, so it’s seen better days.

Photos inside are all in black and white (which is a shame) BUT nonetheless, it’s a handy little source of information and since it only cost me 25 centimes, who am I to complain?


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