mmmmmmm homemade blackberry jelly

I have been very house-wifey this afternoon . . . making blackberry jelly.  We bought a small blackberry bush in 2010, one without thorns.  Last year it gave about 6 kilos of fruit, so that was when I made my first ever homemade  blackberry jelly.  Which was delicious ^^  The blackberry bush has REALLY flourished this year despite the awful weather. We have already harvested 6 kilos so far and estimate there are a further 4 kilos yet to ripen . . . so I’ve been busy with my bubbling cauldron.  I don’t have a proper big jam-making pan so have to make it in batches.    Not quite sure how much I’ve made as my jars are all different shapes and sizes but I’m calling it a day for today because weather is a little hot to spend too long over a boiling saucepan.  All I know is I got through 2 kilos of sugar and probably about 3 kilos of fruit (before it was cooked and sieved).

Also feeling rather chuffed with myself because I took the time to print out some proper labels this year. There are a variety of designs to choose from and you just type in your text here JAM LABELIZER



2 thoughts on “mmmmmmm homemade blackberry jelly

  1. it’s a good thing I’ve already eaten breakfast Claire! There’s nothing like elevenses though……homemade scones with Chupin’s Special and fresh cream nom-nom 😀
    Love those labels too! Avis x

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