picking up a UFO – “colourful lorikeets”

Rather than making more headway with my “Alphabet Fun” project this week (no matter how much fun it is), I decided it was time to tackle a UFO.  I don’t actually have that many, so the choice was very simple: “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude.  I’m not sure when I began this but it’s been stuffed in a box for a couple of years. Here is how it looked before I got back to work

and here is how it looks now, after a couple of evenings stitching

As you can see, I have been filling in a few of the “blanks” in the two birds I had begun stitching, although there are still a few blanks here and there. Second bird now has tail feathers, and I have added a few leaves plus beginning work on a third bird.

There are 34 symbols in this design, so quite a few colour changes which makes it relatively slow-going (especially with a cat on my lap) but I’m enjoying seeing it grow.


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