exchange gifts sent to Reinette

I was busy with my sewing machine making another simple cushion cover . . . as an exchange gift for Reinette.

After cross-stitching (or black-working) the gifts sent to other exchange partners: a blackwork bobbin and scissor fob for Chantal in March; a cross stitched note book for Tagada in May, and a cross-stitched wall-hanging for Dincy in June . . . I decided it was time for a change ^^ PLUS I had the most gorgeous cushion panel which was just perfect for Reinette. She has four cats, one of which looks rather like the cat on the fabric . . . and she lives in the country, so the colours and theme were just perfect . . . PLUS there are apples everywhere, and the pseudo “Reinette” is also a type of apple lol.

Anyway, here are some zooms of the detail on the cushion panel

and a photo of the cushion cover (which I sent without the insert), the card and colourful cat ornament I added to the parcel because Reinette collects cat objects.


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