beginnings of a new collection

Today I come to give you tidings of great joy  . . . well tidings that bring me great joy anyway lol . . . I have the beginnings of a new collection mania and it’s all Christine’s fault.

In June, she asked if I could get my hands on some Jubilee thimbles for her, which I did . . . only problem was that during my browsing, I started drooling, and thinking “how cute”.  I then had a quick rummage in my stitching drawers because, while I rarely use a thimble for sewing, I knew I had some somewhere.  And lo and behold, I discovered I actually have TEN thimbles. Not the pretty bone china ones that Christine collects, but thimbles nonetheless.

Five are metal: (from right to left) two very light-weight, one completely dented, mishapen and in need of a good polish, one fairly nonedescript and the last one, a nice heavy-weight, with stars embossed all around the edge. The 2 light-weight ones came in cheap sewing kits but the other three (I think) belonged to my husband’s grandmother so, while not “pretty” like the bone china ones people collect, they definitely have a past ^^

I also have five thimbles from Japan.  Now, when someone says “Japan” you immediately think of something ornate, and exotic, but these are proper sewings thimbles, bought in a haberdashery store in Tokyo – they are more like “rings” than thimbles and just slip onto the end of the finger, leaving space for the tip and finger-nail to stick out at the end. One is a metal ring, one is in black leather, and the other three in leather & plastic.  They are actually a lot more practical as working thimbles than the metal ones and I will no doubt use one of these when I get to the quilting part of my patchwork

Anyway . . . all this to say that, since I already find I am the proud owner of ten thimbles . . . I have decided to become a thimble collector myself lol.  I have some bone china thimbles on order, so will show you what I have treated myself to when they arrive.


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