baby blackbird

For the last few days in our garden, we’ve been doing something of a nature watch . . . keeping our eyes on a baby blackbird.  He (or she) must have fallen out of the nest and has sought refuge in a sheltered corner of our garden, under bushes and next to the compost heap. We can’t see the nest BUT the parents know he’s there and have been coming down to his hiding place to feed him. Usually, one parent flies around the garden acting as decoy, making lots of noise, while the other parent flies down with some food.

We were tempted to try and build a make-shift nest box, and hang it somewhere above ground level because I’m worried he’s going to become cat-dinner before his flight feathers have a chance to grow BUT we’re worried that might stop the parents looking after him.  Had a bit of a read-up on the internet and it seems it’s quite common to find baby birds this size on the ground . . . and that blackbirds especially will continue to look after their babies.  So . . . since they seem to be continuing their parenting and he seems to be intelligent enough to keep out of sight until each feeding time . . . we’re just going to keep our fingers crossed that the cats don’t discover his hiding place.


3 thoughts on “baby blackbird

  1. You have a kind heart Claire. You are so right not to touch it, once a baby bird has been touched by humans the parents will no longer care for it.
    I hope the bird makes it till flying time.

  2. It is a worry when cats are around. The cats in this neighbourhood even kill pigeons! The parents will try their best to protect the baby so good luck to them…..and stay quiet baby bird!

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